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Caring Neighbors is a non-profit organization established by residents of Rose Hill who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible as they age with the confidence and security of knowing that help is available to them. 


We provide non-emergency support, services, and resources that help our residents as well as those in the greater Bluffton area live healthy and meaningful lives in our own homes.



We value the opportunity to remain an integral part of our community, to live in the homes we have come to love, and to maintain the network of  friends we have developed over the years.  Our purpose is to provide support, services and resources that help each other live healthy and meaningful lives in our own homes.  The willingness of volunteers that offer their time and expertise in support of the mission of the organization helps make this possible.

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 “My Mom’s become like a teenager with her social life becoming so full. She is doing very well. I am so proud of her. She still forgets now and then but we get through that ok. She really is enjoying Memory Matters and her lunches with the Caring Neighbor lady volunteers.  I notice keeping her busy has made a world of difference. I thank all of you for all you are doing to help me and her.”


“Caring Neighbors is a wonderful organization and if I ever move back to the island I would love to do some volunteering myself. Thanks again.”


“Thank you so much for driving my father around and especially to the rehab center to visit my mother.  Caring Neighbor volunteers are wonderful people. “


“To all of the volunteers who helped me with my surgery and physical therapy, you are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.”


“Just a note to thank you for the help and support Caring Neighbors gave to us after my husband’s surgery.  Caring Neighbors gave me peace of mind.  I t was wonderful to have someone come in, check on him , keep him company. Caring Neighbors offer such a valuable service that is very much appreciated.”


“Without your help I really don't know what I would do. Caring Neighbors volunteers has been a huge blessing from God for me and my mother. She is so happy to see everyone, whether it is the people that pick her up and take her to Memory Matters or those that take her to lunch. She loves being with people and this has made such a positive impact on her overall being. Her memory has even gotten better. She looks forward to going to work and lunch. This has also taken a huge lift off of my shoulders because it helps me since I have to work and yet knowing that she is enjoying her days too. I try to go over there at least once a week and spend the night and she enjoys that. I try to get her to come to my house in Savannah but she doesn't seem to want to so it's ok I go over there and enjoy her there. Thanks again to all of you. I feel when we can I like to donate to the organization toward gas or whatever costs you all are encountering. God Bless the Person that started this organization. Thanks again”

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